WaW! 2016 Stalls

Beat by Nikstar

Beat by NikstarA self-taught makeup artist with one main goal: to enhance your natural beauty using high quality products, leaving you looking and feeling effortlessly beautiful.

Instagram: @beatbynikstar

Email: beatbynikstar@gmail.com



Beauty of LDN

Online clothing store stocking a wide range of stylish outfits inspired by African and Caribbean flags.

Beauty of LDN

Website: http://beautyofldn.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/beautyofldn/

Twitter: @_BeautyOfLdn

Instagram: @beautyofldn

Email: beautyoflondon@outlook.com

Emelda Toucan

Creative clothing for children and teens made by hand from African and jersey print fabric. Adult clothing available on request.

We also sell personalised book foldings and canvas drawings.

Email: emeldatoucan@gmail.com

Instagram: @emelda_toucan

Genistar – Charmaine and Elaine

A financial education company which aims to help families and individuals become debt-free and financially independent.

Website: www.genistar.co.uk

Email: charminultra@msn.com

Hair Hookup

hookup hairAn app and website that allows customers to find and book hair stylists, and gives stylists a platform to advertise their skills, manage their bookings and increase their clientele.

We also sell handcrafted Ugandan bags.

Website: www.hairhookup.co.uk

Twitter: @hair_hookup

Instagram: @hairhookup

Email: info@hairhookup.com

Natural Health Harmony

Natural Health HarmonyNatural and organic cosmetics and skincare products which are vegan-friendly and free from chemicals, toxins and parabens.

Website: www.naturalhealthharmony.com

Facebook: Natural Health Harmony

Twitter: @nhealthharmony

Instagram: @natural_health_harmony

Email: info@naturalhealthharmony.com


Hot food (meat and non-meat options) and drinks will also be on sale