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Twitter: @annique_simpson

Annique We Young QueensI’m a city dweller with a desire to move to the countryside. To quell this urge, I write, I listen to music, I read and I take long walks…usually in the countryside! Learning about other people’s journeys is another pastime of mine. I would like to live in a world where people are judged based on things they can control (if at all) and there is true equality of opportunities. Until then, you can find me hanging out on Twitter. Oh yeah: #BlackGirlsRock!

Key areas: Business Development & Digital (website, Twitter & Facebook)



Twitter: @LaynieLaynzLayn

Laynz We Young Queens

Whilst my passion for music and football often governs most of my time, I do enjoy exercising the socialite in me and exploring new places. Having a background in commercialisation and promotions has given me the opportunity to engage with a variety of people, which I have grown to love. Creating a space where Black women can showcase their excellence is an important goal for me, as one may be led to believe that such a thing does not exist!

Key areas: FinanceĀ & Digital (Instagram)